“The efficiency of something that doesn’t work is zero” – Matt Janssen

Matt grew up working in family-owned companies involving heavy equipment operation, recovery, and repair. He later earned a BBA in Business Management with Entrepreneurial Emphasis from Boise State University and A.S. in Railroad Operations from Salt Lake Community College. During his college tenure, Matt pursued a childhood passion and became an accomplished steam locomotive fireman at a tourist railroad. He became actively involved in learning steam locomotive design and regulations. After college, he served as foreman for a specialized railroad contractor with projects across America and Europe. Matt has extensively studied the development of steam engines, locomotives and boiler systems and has apprenticed some of the best in these industries. Since 2009, Matt has provided service, repair and technical support for legacy steam engines, locomotives, and boiler systems through his company, Vapor Locomotive Company. Matt formed Vapor Motive Company, LLC to apply his unique knowledge and skills to innovative applications of steam technology to lower fossil fuel use. His experience working with equipment in adverse conditions and remote locations brings a unique influence to his designs to ensure functionality and resiliency in the toughest operating environments.

Matt is Vice Chairman of the Engineering Standards Committee for Steam Locomotives, Inc. (ESC) and Vice Chairman of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels (NBIC) Special Sub-Group for Steam Locomotives, as well as a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Subgroup on Locomotive Boilers.

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