Solar Parabolic Collectors

“In many places, solar heating is as economical today as power from nonrenewable sources. Nobody can embargo sunlight. No cartel controls the sun. Its energy will not run out. It will not pollute our air or poison our waters. It is free from stench and smog. The sun’s power needs only to be collected, stored, and used.” President Jimmy Carter, May 3, 1978 – Sun Day “Steam is the alternative electricity” – Bill Petitjean, P.E.

60120 Parabolic solar collector by Matt Janssen
The 60120 is a parabolic trough linear solar concentrator for industrial and commercial applications for providing heat up to 400°F. Each module of four troughs track the movement of the sun through the day, capturing the direct solar radiation. The solar energy landing on the surface of the parabola is reflected and concentrated to the focal axis where the receiver tube is mounted.

How do they work?

    • Trough tracks the sun to hold axis of symmetry

    • 60” wide band of sun hits reflector

    • Sun is reflected back to receiver at the focus

    • 60 X concentration of sun on the 1” tube heats the fluid inside

Illustration (diagram) of how the parabolic trough works with relation to the sun's rays.
“Figure 8.10 Characteristics of parabolic optics,” Power From the Sun, W.B.Stine and R.W.Harrigan (John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1986)

Why is ours better?

VMC’s trough is specifically designed for flat-packing to minimize transport volume. It uses lightweight materials to facilitate low shipping costs, mounting on existing structures, and assembly at the installation site. It is easy to learn how to assemble our troughs which provide job opportunities for local labor as well as further cost savings. At the end of the designed service life, the aluminum frame and hardware are highly recyclable and the flat trough bodies and mirrors may serve for roofing of shelters. Applications Examples for deployment of the 60120







Boiler feedwater heating

Water heating

Cooling with absorption refrigeration cycle

Steam generation

Power generation with steam prime mover

Dehydration of products

Thermal input for various processes






Sport venues (swimming pools)

School facilities

Apartment complexes



Food & beverage

Water treatment facilities


Milk & dairy





Chemical manufacturing

Essential Oils



Technical Specifications 

(Referring to one standard module)

Nominal capturing surface 100 ft² 9.29 m²

Collector length 24 ft 7.3 m

Aperture 60 in 1.52 m

Receiver tube diameter 1.050 in 26.7 mm

Focal distance 20 in .508 m

Weight Approx 700 lbs  318 kg

Reflective material ReflecTech™

Receiver tube material SA269 316L seamless tubing

Receiver tube treatment Pyromark™ 2500

Receiver tube insulation  Refractory insulation with SS cover


Max operative temperature 482°F 250°C

Stagnation temperature 680°F 360°C

Max operating pressure 150 psig 10.3 bar g

Optical efficiency 70%

Peak thermal power 22,500 Btu 6.5 kWt

Max wind speed in operative conditions 43 mph 69 km/h

Max wind speed in safety condition 90 mph 145 km/h

Service Life 20 Years

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