Steam Compressors

Thermal Vapor Compressors

VMC Steam compressors - Thermal vapor compressor

Please review the U.S. Department of Energy of bulletin on Vapor Compression.

Locomotive, marine, and small boiler plants use ejectors extensively. Vapor Motive’s expertise can be applied for your small to medium-sized thermal vapor compression application.

Steam Ejector Water Refrigeration Units

VMC Steam ejector refrigeration units

We have re-engineered the 7-ton dehumidification and refrigeration units applied to steam locomotive-hauled passenger trains. The advantage of this dispatchable system is that water is used as a refrigerant as opposed to toxic chemicals. Water at reduced pressures will boil at low temperatures. When water boils, it extracts heat from its surroundings equivalent to its latent heat of vaporization. Systems can be designed to freezing conditions for refrigeration, preservation, and desalination applications.


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